The Perfect Guide To Workout With Your Dog At Home

Try these exercises with your dogs and have fun!

If you are like me, owner of a small size dog, you must try these workouts I created! A workout with your dog is the best idea to workout and play with yourr dogs.

I present to you my lovely dogs: Mawui and Chilaquil.

Mawi & Chilaquil

They are part of me every day, they give me company, laughs and joy. I always felt so bad when I left to the gym to train for 2 hours and sometimes I actually skipped gym just because it was impossible to get out of the house without leaving them crying.

When I started training at home, they were always there playing with the yoga mat and too funy story: they are scared of the Yoga ball! Even though the kept beside me all workout time, so I figured out how to train with them, helping me to build my body.

Try these exercises with your dogs and have fun!

Killer ABS with your Dog

Workout with your dog

Squat version using your dog as a weight

Best triceps workout with your dog


PRO TIP: you will use a lot your Yoga Mat and be prepared because dogs and cats loooove using it.

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