Motivation For Home-Based Workouts

In this article, we’ve included a few ideas to help keep your health goals on track

From yoga to HIIT to weightlifting, the variety of activities you can tackle from your home is impressive. With the added bonus of no commute, gym bag, or membership fees, a workout routine from home has become something of the new normal, motivation is something that you always NEED!

When you live in a smaller space, share a household, or work from home it can be tricky to find the fitness motivation you need. In this article, we’ve included a few ideas to help keep your health goals on track.

Home Gym Motivation

Set Yourself Up for Success

Create a Dedicated Space

You might not need to build an entire home gym to work out at home. All you need to get started is a space that allows you to get the job done. Since it is supposed to be a dedicated space, always keep that area clean and organized so it’s ready to go whenever you are. If the space is in a bedroom corner, for example, make sure laundry or other items don’t get stacked up there.

Make sure you have all the basic equipment you’ll use close by. Weights, resistance bands, mats, and a foam roller for stretching are basics you’ll likely use regularly.

Designate Time

In theory, you should be able to fit your workout plan seamlessly into your daily schedule. But, gym motivation can quickly dwindle if you haven’t scheduled your workouts in advance. You can be somewhat flexible if unexpected things pop up in your day, but counteract some of this by using a fitness tracker app on your computer or phone to ensure you actually exercising on a consistent basis.

Be Clear on Your Goals

Knowing why you’re working out allows you to create more fulfilling gym motivation.

  • If you are looking for muscle gain, you’ll want to include fitness exercises that incorporate weights, like dumbbells or kettlebells.
  • If increased mind-body connection is your goal, opt for a workout plan such as yoga or pilates.
  • For event related goals, such as a marathon or bike race, you’ll need a plan with a timeline and benchmarks. When getting started with one, consider consulting a professional servicer in that field.

Include a Friend

Enlisting an accountability partner is great motivation to complete your workout routine from home. You can report back on your efforts, or create a friendly competition to encourage yourself to push harder during your exercises.

Set Realistic Goals

What are attainable goals when it comes to creating your workout routine from home? If you are working multiple jobs or only have one day off, it’s unrealistic to plan on twice-a-day gym sessions, even if you are the ultimate go-getter.

Realistic goals are made once you have evaluated a few things:

  • How much time do you really have to exercise? Schedule it in, and don’t worry if the time seems small at first.
  • What is your current fitness level? A workout plan that has you going from zero to one hundred is a surefire way to kill your motivation.
  • What fitness activities do you enjoy the most? Your routine doesn’t need to be all squats and burpees to be successful. Incorporating activities you enjoy such as dancing, sports, or outdoor recreation can be a huge way to develop long lasting fitness motivation.

Don’t forget to celebrate your progress! Choose responsible incentives and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with effort and self mastery.

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