Booty Circuit At Home

Best booty circuit you can do at home with just 2 piece of equipment

As a business manager, I’m always in front my computer seated, my work hours per day some times are more than 10. After a long day at work, I always feel that my legs need to move more I also tend to have some problems with the circulation, and don’t mention my glutes, a lot of hours seated make it very weak and sometimes I feel lower back pains due to the position. That is why I look for the best Booty circuit you can do at home.

Strengthening your glutes can improve an overall performance, helps you run faster, jump higher, prevent knee pain, low back pain, and much more.

Workout your glutes with this killer circuit, you will use a yoga mat and a resistance band.

Follow these steps, do 25 reps each and start again 4 times.

Lateral Band

Booty circuit

Squat With Ball

Side Glute

Glute Kickback

Front Squat

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