Best Garage Gym Ideas

Here we consider the best garage gym ideas based on my experience.

Once you’ve decided to work out from home, you have to consider your space options. Utilizing a garage for your gym equipment might just be the best option. Here we consider the best garage gym ideas based on my experience.

Best Garage Gym Ideas
Best Garage Gym Ideas

Garage Gym Ideas: The Benefits of Garage Gyms

If you’ve been searching for home gym ideas, chances are you want a certain level of separation between your “home” area and your workouts. And if you live with others, equipment around the house might be disruptive. Garage gyms offer room that doesn’t take from your actual living space. It’s a perfect place to store any gym equipment you’ll invest in.

Garage gyms are especially valuable in smaller homes, where converted spaces offer additional value. If you are smart with your design choices, it can be a multi-purpose space that suits your lifestyle.

You shouldn’t overlook the fact that garage gyms are built for the job. They are sturdy, covered, and can handle the weight of heavy gym equipment. They are built with a mess in mind, so you don’t need to worry about damaging the floors or hanging racks on the walls.

Setting Up for Success

You might have a few home gym ideas already, but you’ll still need to spend some time designing for your garage gym- this is especially true if you plan to still use your garage as a space for your car, or if you’re already utilizing the space for another purpose. You’ll want the space to feel inviting- which will help you stay motivated and keep your fitness goals on track.

A Clean Slate

Garages can be a gathering places for junk. Spend a weekend decluttering items that have accumulated and tidy up where needed. In order for the space to work, it’s best to keep it organized. This means you’ll want to invest in proper storage:

A clean space helps you stay focused on you and not on other projects you have going on. You’ll also be able to clearly designate between your stations.

Look On the Bight Side

A potential downside to garage gyms is a lack of good lighting. If you have the budget, you can add additional lighting or even skylights. Portable spotlights or LED panel lights mimic daylight- this can help energize you for more effective use of your time.  For even less money, you can paint the space white. All-white spaces feel bigger and brighter, effectively combatting an otherwise dingy garage.

If you need a little color, you can add an accent trim, or colorful gym flooring.

Spacial Awareness

Garage gyms come in all shapes and sizes- so evaluate your space. What gym equipment will you be using and how much space do you need for your activities? If you aren’t sure, here is a basic idea of what most people include in a workout space:

  • one piece of cardio equipment- treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, etc.
  • resistance machinery such as a cable machine or adaptable multi-gym
  • a free weights solution like a squat rack with bars and weight plates 
  • dumbbells or a squat rack hybrid

You’ll probably have a few smaller items of exercise equipment such as bands, free weights, yoga mats, etc. also.

If your space or budget is limited, look for gym equipment that can serve multiple uses. Don’t forget to prioritize floor space. You’ll need plenty of room to actually move your body, and adequate vertical storage or equipment that can fold up can help keep the floor open.

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