The Quick And Easy Beginner Workout Routine At Home

What will we work? Full body shape, we will start with a deep warm up, followed with a special cardio training and then we will be focused on arms, abs and legs. Are you ready?

I know you want to get in shape but you don’t have any experience and also hate every workout routine at home 

These are the types of workouts we build for you today!

I will teach you a basic home workout that can be completed at your own home. It will be the best thing to start with

What will we work? Full body shape, we will start with a deep warm up, followed with a special cardio training and then we will be focused on arms, abs and legs. Are you ready?

Warm Up

Is very important to start and finish a workout stretching your body, it will help to prevent injuries and improve your athletic performance. It can also help improve your flexibility and reduce soreness after your workout.

We will start stretching your legs.

Beginner Workout Routine at Home: Stretching
  1. Separate your legs, with the left hand touch the right foot for 10 seconds.
  2. Repeat the process but with the right hand to the left foot.
  3. Finally, Put both of your hands in the middle for 10 seconds.

We will continue stretching your upper body

Stretching at Home
  1. With your legs still separated, stretch your torso by raising your right arm over your head to the left side for 10 seconds.
  2. Repeat the process with the left arm to the right side.

*If you want more stretching movements you can click this link to get the full stretching details!


Cardio is one of the best ways to start warming up. For beginners the best way to start cardio at home is doing 20-jumping jacks, then breathing and starting again with 20 more and so on until you complete it 4 times.

Jumping Jacks

Now we are starting to sweat!

Arm Muscles you can Workout at Home

With this easy arm workout at home, you will not only work your arm muscles but also your core.

Start with Tricep Dips:

  1. Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet firmly touching the floor. Your hands should be palms down and under your shoulders, resting on the edge of the chair next to your hips.
  2. Bend your elbows and lower your body as low as you can until you start to feel your shoulders or back start to round forward.
  3. Do 10- 12 reps 4 times.
Workout Arms with a Chair


This is the BEST ABS workout for beginners at home

  1. Lay face down and bend your knees.
  2. Put your hands behind your neck, remember not to cross your fingers
  3. Raise your chest
  4. Repeat 25 times, then rest for 10 seconds. 
  5. Repeat the process 4 times. 

A strong core will help you to increase your ability to do simple things such as going up the stairs, sitting correctly without injuring your back, etc. 

Try to always workout your abs min two or three times a week to improve your life quality.

The best thing about working out our core is that we can do it without any equipment, wherever you want.

This will help you get started, don’t push yourself too hard and if you have any questions, check out our posts to find out which equipment is right for your workout at home.

PRO TIP: You can add more weight to bouild muscles with small Weight Pair

Comment your progress!

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