8 Reasons to Set Up a Home Gym That Will Make you Start NOW!

If you are going to take your fitness routine seriously, you should be considering a home gym. Here’s why:

Going to the gym is hard. First there’s the drive, then the locker room, finding time schedule… the obstacles just keep piling up. Often times the more affordable gyms don’t even have all the workout equipment you’d like to use. If you are going to take your fitness routine seriously, you should be considering a home gym. Here’s why:

Home Gym
Home Gym

Why You Need a Home Gym Now

1. Skip the Commute

The time we have available to fit in a workout in is precious. Having a home gym lets you skip the drive and saves you valuable time. You’ll be able to forego a gym bag and spend all your efforts focusing on you.

2. True Access 24/7

Many gyms boast 24/7 hours, but that isn’t always how it feels. If you want to train multiple times in the day, it can get tricky. Having your own home workout equipment means they’re ready to use whenever you’re home! You won’t get stuck waiting around for someone else to finish up either.

3. Save Money

While it’s nice to have a small budget to get you a home gym machine or other equipment to start out with, it will still save you money in the long run. Gym memberships can be expensive, and you still might not have access to all the benefits you’re hoping for. The average price nationwide for a gym membership is just over $50, which doesn’t include taxes, fees, renewals, or time with a personal trainer. You could be spending well over $600 per year for a professional gym space. With some basic home gym equipment, you can start funneling those funds back to you!

4. Fully Customized

You may enjoy tapping into your inner interior designer as you create a home gym with yourself in mind. A home gym machine can be a space saving and versatile piece that allows you to maximize your room. You can also move your home workout equipment around as needed. Since you make the rules, you’ll be able to mix things up as often as you please.

Your home gym can also be a statement: add colorful flooring, organization, and personal motivations wherever you want them!

5. Increased Health and Safety

When multiple people are sharing a space, things can happen. Germs spread, odd smells increase, and equipment gets damaged. Any of these things might cause you to get sick or injured. When you have control of the space, you can ensure everything is up to your standards and maintain good health practices.

6. Privacy

Some people love a locker room atmosphere… and some people do not. If you value privacy, a home gym is likely a much more ideal set up for your fitness needs. You’ll be able to focus on yourself, instead of a room full of strangers. You will set proper pace and limits when you don’t feel pressured to overexert yourself.

7. Invite a Friend

Don’t worry about not having a buddy pass. You can invite as many friends as often as you’d like. No fees, restrictions, or waivers to sign. Plus, you’ll have extra help on hand if you need a spot.

8. A Better Investment, your own home gym

A monthly gym membership can help you reach your fitness goals, but you’ll never get that money back. By setting up a home gym, you’ll be able to add additional value to your home. A home gym machine or other home workout equipment (as long as you take good care of them) generally hold their value, so you can sell your used items.

Ultimately, since you’ve set up a space tailored for your goals- you are making the best investment: an investment in yourself.

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