6 Easy Upper Body Exercises at Home

Working your upper body will help you to improve your posture.

Working your upper body will help you to improve your posture. Try these Upper Body Exercises at Home!

When we were in isolation due to COVID 19 and we started working from home, every day I was becoming more aware of my body and I saw that my upper body was always in movement due to my daily routine. The arm and neck pains were increasing due to the use of the computer.

When you start exercising, the most common thing is to start doing cardio and exercising the lower body more, but we must be aware that our body needs to train completely, never forget the upper body.

That’s why I made this routine specifically for Upper body exercises.

You will need: Resistance bands and 2 Small Weights

As you might have already read here, the warm up is very important.

Upper Body Exercises At Home: Start by stretching our arms

Then, the neck

Biceps with resistance band

Biceps with weights

Full arm workout with resistance band

Full arm workout with weights

Triceps with resistance band

Triceps with weights

A strong upper body can have an effect through the rest of your workout and physical activities. 

While doing these exercises I noticed that my soreness for being all day at the computer and using the mouse were completely gone. Work out your upper body at least 3 times a week and you will notice the difference

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