5 Best ABS Workout With A Pilates Ball

Here are the easiest 5 exercises you can do to workout your belly

Pilates is a great exercise to shape your body, essentially exercising with a yoga or medicine ball significantly can improve  your balance. Here are the easiest 5 exercises you can do to workout your belly. 

Ab curl

With this movement you can workout your full abdomen.

Tips and tricks: Don’t cross your fingers and be aware of not putting force on the neck.

Side Bend

This will kick your core into gear while emphasizing your obliques, lats, and shoulders. 

Tips and tricks: the more times you do it the more stability you will have.

Lower abs

The yoga ball makes you have more weight and creates better stability

Tips and tricks: keep your legs tight.

Full abs

Workout your full body with this exercise. 

Tips and tricks: keep in mind the straightness in your arms to better performance.

Lower abs squeezing the ball

The best way to workout your lower abs without hesitating too much, this will help to protect your lower back and feel more relief.

Tips and Tricks: Put your hands under your butt to take pressure off your lower back

Doing all of them at least 3 days a  week will help you increase your muscles, boost metabolism and get into your ideal body shape.

I used a Pilate Ball and a Yoga mat for all these excresices.

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